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HALLOWEEN 2017 Scent List


• Amityville – Pumpkin pecan waffles, pumpkin brûlée, marshmallow, sugar cookie, vanilla bean noel, salted caramel popcorn balls. [House Blend]

• Aokigahara Woods – Coconut milk, steamed rice, honeyed figs, lychee, Japanese maplewood, tonka, spiced rooibos tea, galangal. [House Blend]

• Myrtles Plantation – Coffee, beignets, mahogany, pipe tobacco, cocoa, cardamom. [House Blend]

• The Bell Witch – Blood musk, ebon musk, feral musk, nag champa, sandalwood, incense, guaiacwood, vanilla, bergamot, aged dark patchouli, woodsmoke, amber. [House Blend]

• Tombstone, Arizona – Birch beer, sweetgrass, woodsage, tumbleweeds, laudanum, absinthe, white amber, rustic barnwood, gunsmoke. [House Blend]

• Tower of London – black tea, lightly spiced oat scones drizzled with honey*, Devonshire cream, benzoin resinoid. [House Blend]
*Contains beeswax absolute.

• Winchester Mystery House – Vanilla, fireplace embers, aged cedarwood, dark patchouli, sandalwood, amber, gingersnap cookies, clove. [House Blend]


• Frickin' Bats - vanilla ice cream, black licorice whips, candy corn, root beer, and kettle corn. [House Blend]

• Lolita - Spun sugar & clove. This is quite heavy on the spun sugar, with juuuuust enough clove to give it a more grown-up 'kick'. [House Blend]

• Mossypeach - Georgia peach, sun-warmed meadow, cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, tree moss, and oakmoss accord. [House Blend]

• Zom-bae - Green papaya, spun sugar, sour Warhead candies, fizzy pop. [House Blend]