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Death Unicorn bath and body products (choose from a complete set or a la carte)


Image of Death Unicorn bath and body products (choose from a complete set or a la carte)
  • Image of Death Unicorn bath and body products (choose from a complete set or a la carte)
  • Image of Death Unicorn bath and body products (choose from a complete set or a la carte)
  • Image of Death Unicorn bath and body products (choose from a complete set or a la carte)

Unicorns, it’s true: your gift set has arrived. Our Death Unicorn set is designed to keep your skin clean, hydrated, and smelling fantastic, all while helping you realize your dream of feeling like the sparkliest, darkest unicorn in all the land. Because you are. Even the blackest heart can have a little glitter in it. Black matte glitter, maybe, but glitter nonetheless.

This is the perfect gift for yourself, your best friend, your mom, basically every single person you know with a heart of black gold.

Death Unicorn Smoked Rose Shampoo Bar:

We all know that the best part of being a unicorn is the ability to stab people with your built-in headsword, right? Well, wouldn’t it be great if, while stabbing people, your hair smelled like a smoked rose? Exactly. Plus, unlike liquid shampoo full of harsh chemicals, this shampoo bar is made with panthenol, aka vitamin B5. In fact, it’s 5% panthenol. Vitamin B5 attracts and holds moisture, so your mane will be as luscious as a unicorn’s. Because you are a unicorn. An evil, amazing unicorn.

And who wouldn’t want to smell like Morticia Addams? Obviously, we are assuming she smells like smoked rose, but you know we’re not wrong. Use this shampoo bar and attract your Gomez and smell great while stabbing your enemies with your headsword. Win-win.

Death Unicorn Blood Orange Soap Bar:

Not to brag, but our soap recipe might as well be made from unicorn tears because it’s just THAT amazing. Designed to clean, nourish, and hydrate your skin with all-natural ingredients (no harsh chemicals here), your skin will feel so squeaky clean you might actually sparkle. Because we all know that unicorns are made of glitter. Maybe black glitter, but glitter nonetheless.

Plus, the scent is blood orange. How appropriate is it to have the scent have “blood” in the title, since we just want to use our unicorn powers for evil? And, we will go on record as saying blood oranges are way cooler than regular oranges. They’re the badass cousin of your typical navel orange.

Death Unicorn Black Lavender Lotion Bar:

After scrubbing yourself clean from head to toe with the Smoked Rose Shampoo Bar and Blood Orange Soap Bar, slather the Black Lavender Lotion Bar all over your body to truly envelop your body in the essence of the Death Unicorn.

Our lotion bar recipe was developed to combat even the harshest, driest skin, and soothe it naturally without added fillers, water, or chemicals. It also doubles as a makeup remover! So when you’re coming home late from a long night of doing whatever you want because you’re a motherf$%^# unicorn, you can rub this lotion bar on your face and take off your war paint easily and without harsh ingredients.

Plus, while lavender is a classic scent, this is black lavender, meaning that it’s more enticing and sexy, less calming and gentle. Because you are a Death Unicorn, not just your average horse. And a Death Unicorn smells amazing and does whatever it wants, but still manages to take care of their skin.

Death Unicorn Chocolate Bourbon Lip Balm:

The final piece of our Death Unicorn collection is this decadent chocolate bourbon lip balm. Now that the rest of your body is totally clean, moisturized, and smelling fantastic, don’t neglect your kisser!

Lips seem to dry out so quickly, especially if you work in an office environment where the air is stale 365 days a year. It’s why you also need to keep a Black Lavender Lotion Bar at your desk along with this lip balm.

But what’s so Death Unicorn about lip balm that tastes like chocolate and bourbon? Oh. Oh, hoooney. First of all, our lip balm is a majestic blend including kokum butter, coconut oil, and beeswax, so you’ll be able to feel the hydration the moment it touches your lips. And what ISN’T Death Unicorn about the combination of bourbon and chocolate? It’s literally two of the best things in life combined, just like a unicorn. Plus, you could tape one to your forehead and pretend it’s your horn! Yeah, you’ll get some weird looks, but who cares? YOU’RE the unicorn, not those fools. They’re just jealous of how you smell and that your lips taste like bourbon and chocolate.