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Lotion Bars


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What could make our ultrahydrating lotion bars even better? Whisky, obviously. Much like bacon, it makes everything better.
This bar is our original mix of cocoa butter, coconut and avocado oils, shea butter, beeswax, and other special ingredients guaranteed to make your skin soft, supple, and totally moisturized, without any added fillers. Of course, since it smells like smoky bourbon whisky, it might whet your appetite for a stiff drink, but that’s not a problem. And, our lotion bar doubles as a great makeup remover. When you come home from a long night of partying you can rub whisky on your face on purpose, and not just because that jackass bumped into you while you were trying to take shots with your best friend. Still mad at that guy.
A perfect gift for whisky lovers, your dad, your best friend who makes a mean Manhattan, or for your coworker who is constantly trying to get everyone out for “just one drink, maybe two, c’mon!” at work events. It's 10am, Karen.