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Maple syrup shaving stick made with bentonite clay. Unscented available!


Image of Maple syrup shaving stick made with bentonite clay. Unscented available!

I made this vegan soap for folks who shave. My dad has been using my standard recipe to shave for about six months now, and he keeps giggling from his bathroom,
"Hee hee! It smells like maple syrup!"
He was using my Maple Spice bar, which is a blend of maple butter and pumpkin spice, but I decided I should just give the people what they want, so here it is, a shaving stick made with maple butter essence. It very much smells like maple syrup, and I've added in a generous dose of bentonite clay, which increases slipperiness and is great for shaving.
My dad hasn't tried it yet, so you all have to tell me if you love it!
This is pure Castile soap! That means that the only oil used to make it is 100% organic olive oil. It also have a very high naturally occurring glycerin, leaving your skin feeling kind of amazing.
Castile soap is a little big magical. It's considered one of the very first soaps that humans made in prehistory. When you get it, it's completely saponified and safe to use... That means that the ph has completed it's cycle. However, it's said that Castile soap continues to saponify for years! That means that if you'd like to set this bar aside and use it later, the lather will change from a more slick lather right away, to a much more rich, mellow lather in years to come.
Personally, I'm not patient enough to wait, it smells so good!
Each bar weighs almost exactly 4.5 ounces.