Welcome to Sucreabeille, where everything is made just for you, exactly how you want it.  

How does it work? We’ll tell you! First, go through and check out our products, and our scent lists too! You can find all of our single notes, Lush dupes, and House blends by clicking the 'Our Scents' link above. When adding a product to your cart, you’ll be prompted to add your scent. That's it! Want to create a custom blend? Just hit us up in the contact link above and we'll create with you!


Body products

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Perfume and Aromatherapy

Discover our famous perfumery. We have Lush dupes, house blends, and you're always welcome to create your own special blends yourself! We offer 1ml samples, 5ml bottles, 1oz sprays, and even dram sets!


Hair Care

Ever wanted a luxurious custom shampoo and conditioner set? We've got you! We also make those shampoo bars everyone's been talking about, beard oil, hair oil, and add your special perfume requests to everything!


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