Frozen Embers limited release perfumes

Frozen Embers limited release perfumes

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This is it. It’s the final countdown. The last batch of Frozen Embers scents are here, and they’re united under a common theme: you asked for them. That’s right, it’s the Fan Favorites batch. By popular demand, we present to you Margaery, Brienne the Beauty, Varys, Greyjoy, and the Iron Throne.

And that’s not all. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you more size options, so you can choose not only your scent, but the size of your product! For example, shampoo and conditioner can now be purchased in 2 ox, 4 oz, or 8 oz sizes. This will also give you more flexibility in pricing, and give you the ability to choose smaller samples of all of our products in case you have trouble with commitment.

But that’s STILL not all. For the first time with this line, you can get these scents in ANY of our products! How about some Margaery Soap Fluff? Or Brienne body oil? Maybe Iron Throne deodorant? Whatever your fancy, add any of these scents to any of our products!

In summation: same amazing products, more scents, more sizes, more price options, more fun for everyone!

Now, without further ado, the final scents in our Frozen Embers line!

Margaery: If you’re looking for a scent that’s guaranteed to smell like “I’m having sex tonight,” buckle up cowgirl, because you need Margaery. And no, that doesn’t mean she smells cheap or easy, far from it. Margaery is coy, cunning, clever, and sexy as hell. She knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it, by any and all means necessary. But she won’t be obvious about it, no no no. This scent is regal, extravagant, and delectable. As soon as you walk in the room, all eyes will be on you. Men would literally jump out of windows if they couldn’t have you. Damn girl, you’ve got it going on. Just, you know, stay away from any religious figures and don’t stick around long enough to get married because that NEVER works out in your favor.

Scent Notes: a freshly popped bottle of champagne; ripe, juicy peach; crisp cotton sheets; an English rose garden; moonlight pomegranate; herbaceous sage; neroli.

Brienne the Beauty: Brienne is, in our opinion, the most underrated character in the entire GoT universe. She may have been mockingly nicknamed “The Beauty,” but her commitment to honor, goodness, and love (albeit unrequited one-sided closeted gay love) are outstanding and truly make her beautiful. Plus, she’s a goddamn knight, an incredible swordswoman, and takes absolutely zero bullshit. And is it bad if we want Jaime to dump his sister and be with Brienne? Think of the blonde chunky babies they’d produce, and they don’t even share the same gene pool! What a concept! Her scent, therefore, is earnest, a bit masculine, earthy, with a touch of hidden sweetness that blossoms over time. This scent, like Brienne, is a true beauty.

Scent Notes: newly cut grass on a hot summer day; smoky white musk; sweet Meyer lemon; real ginger; white tea; a fresh-picked Valencia orange.

Varys: Oh, you clever spider. Deftly weaving a web of deceit and lies while simultaneously earning the respect of nearly everyone you know. How is that possible? How do you do it?! Scratch that; the how doesn’t really matter, but the fact that you’re able to manipulate everyone around you is a skill most can only dream of. Well done, clever minx. Keep the treats flowing to your informants, and everybody’s happy. Well, okay, not everybody, but you get the gist, and who cares about those people anyway? This scent is both luscious and dirty; decadent and simplistic; dichotomous all the way, just like Varys.

Scent Notes: rich chocolate, patchouli, freshly whipped buttercream, peasant dirt.

Greyjoy: The Greyjoy House is prideful, and while they might not be the most popular, we had enough people ask us to include them in our final batch of Frozen Embers and we figured, what the hell, let’s make everyone smell as salty as Euron acts! Since the Greyjoys have saltwater running through their veins, it seems appropriate that their scent is comprised of crisp notes of rain and salt, with hints of citrus for balance and good measure. Plus, nobody wants to smell like Reek, but everyone wants to be Yara/Asha (depending on if you’re a fan of the show or book, she has different names, and no we don’t know why so don’t ask) because she’s a goddamn BADASS and deserved to win her Queensmoot and run the Iron Islands but was thwarted because Euron just can’t not be a salty, bitter dude and let a woman rule. Ugh. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But don’t let them stop you; slather some Greyjoy on and be the seawater queen you were destined to be.

Scent Notes: fresh ocean air; ripe, refreshing lemon and lime; severe thunderstorms; gloomy, rainy afternoons; tears.

Iron Throne: This is it, fam. This is what everyone has been trying to have this entire time. It’s the reason for the seasons of the show, and it was entirely worth the wait. This scent is unlike anything we’ve made before, and we think you’ll love it. It smells like power, and crazy plot lines, and unearthed secrets and scandals. If you’ve ever wanted to sit in the Iron Throne yourself (and, seriously, who hasn’t?) then you need this blend. Just, you know, don’t kill anyone over it; unlike the actual throne, we have lots of this to spare, so please don’t go a-murderin’.

Scent Notes: Ancient incense burnt in a tomb of darkness; the blood of a hundred dragons; Bay Laurel; pure, raw honey.

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