Summer Limited edition scents:

Pele: Named for the Hawaiian goddess of fire, lightning, wind, and volcanoes, this scent packs a fruity, floral, distinctly feminine punch. This scent is similarly bold and forthright, with notes of pear, fig, and blueberry, which fade to the scent of heavenly, real ylang ylang. Maybe you don’t have the power to create volcanoes, but you absolutely have the power to erupt the next time a man tries to explain something to you. Pele is so proud of you. (We are, too.) Now go on, fire goddess, and take the world by storm!

Scent notes: pear, fig, blueberry, ylang ylang.


Firefly: We know everyone loves the captain, but what about you? You’re just as strong as the captain, just as smart (if not smarter) than him, everyone loves you as much as they love the captain, we should totally just STAB THE CAPTAIN. Wait, wait, no, let’s back up. You are much sweeter than he could ever be, and you’re incredibly loyal, so no stabbing. Instead, put on this incredible combination of honey and leather and take a deep breath. There, that’s better, right? Everyone will notice how wonderful you smell, and will surely listen to your orders with bated breath. You’re the captain now. You can’t take the sky from me.

Scent notes: honey and leather.


Tempest: Like a powerful summer storm, you burst into the room suddenly and without warning. Everyone turns and stares, taken aback. After a minute, they are delighted to see you and in awe of your power. Who knew we needed a tempest to come in and shake things up? You did, of course. You rain down beauty and power and, yes, occasionally destruction, but only on people who deserve it like that shitty OKCupid date who turned out to be a terrible racist. Not on your watch, captain. Like a summer storm in a meadow, you renew and regenerate the very earth you walk upon. Damn, you are a force of nature and passion. Now you can smell like one.

Scent notes: spring meadow, rain


The Huntress: You lie in the forest, waiting. You see your prey lurking in the distance. The air smells of grass, tangerine, neroli, jasmine, and honeysuckle; it’s delectable and soothing. You breathe deeply, calming your senses, keeping your eyes steady. He edges closer, within striking distance. My what beautiful eyes he has. Too bad he won’t have them for much longer.

Scent notes: grass, tangerine, neroli, jasmine, honeysuckle


Siren Song: Sure, you could smell this wonderful scent and think, “Oooh, this smells like fresh laundry drying in the ocean breeze,” and you wouldn’t be wrong. But what this scent actually smells like is the song you sing as you sit, waiting patiently on the rocky coast, luring that ship full of sailors closer, and closer. They’re enraptured by your beautiful voice, and imagining what an incredible woman is singing to them, beckoning them onward, until at last their boat is sinking and their screams echo back to you, forming the most morbid chorus to your beautiful song. Everything is salty (but you especially, siren), fresh, feminine, and delightful, and soon those souls are yours to do with what you will. You powerful, tempting merperson. This is your scent. Dowse yourself in it and wait for everyone to be drawn to you.

Scent note: salt, kumquat, cotton, daisy

/End of limited edition summer scents!

Papa's Waffles - Picture it: Saturday morning, your childhood. Your dad and his impressive beard have gotten up early even though he was up late with friends, drinking and partying. He’s acquiesced to your demands for waffles, which he lovingly makes from scratch in the kitchen while drinking a strong pot of coffee. The whole house smells of baked goodness, coffee, maple, and butter. Bliss. That’s exactly what Papa’s Waffles smells like. It’s a delectable, nostalgic scent that’ll immediately transport you back to those happy, scrumptious times. Get it for your dad to thank him for putting up with your 6 AM waffle requests, or get it for yourself to relive those memories now. Or get it because your father didn’t do those things for you and you’re bitter but want to smell delicious anyway. Whatever works for you; just don’t miss this scent! Of course, if waffles weren’t your dad’s thing, we also have bacon and bourbon scented goodies, so snag a couple of those so your dad doesn’t think you forgot him this year. (You totally didn’t forget. Not at all.)

Death Unicorn - For all you neigh-sayers! Notes of high quality lavender essential oil twist deliciously with aniseed. Be a unicorn. Stab idiots with your head.