Welcome to Sucreabeille, where everything is made just for you, exactly how you want it. How does it work? We’ll tell you! First, go through and check out our products, and our scent lists too! You can find all of our single notes, Lush dupes, and House blends by clicking the 'scent lists' link above. When adding a product to your cart, you’ll be prompted as to what scent(s) you want to add. Go ahead and add up to five scents you’d like to be in your product and we’ll make it happen! (Except for 1ml samples; those are tiny so please limit to two scents.) Want to add an extra scent note to your favorite Lush dupe or one of our house blends? Go for it! Want to create a custom blend? We support you! In fact, if you make your own blend, we highly encourage you to name it! All custom names/blends will be handwritten on your label, so every detail of the product, from the scent to the label, has been made and customized just for you. Questions? No problem! Feel free to click the Contact link above. We’d love to see what you blend, so share pictures of your products and tag us on Instagram @tinyhousenerd. Let’s have fun creating the scents of your dreams!


Body products

Click here to discover our popular line of body products, including the pictured Buttercream lotion. You can also explore and customize soap fluff, deodorant, body and hair oil. We add goodies all the time!


Perfume and Aromatherapy

Discover our famous perfumery. We have Lush dupes, house blends, and you're always welcome to create your own special blends yourself! We offer 1ml samples, 5ml bottles, 1oz sprays, and even dram sets!


Hair Care

Ever wanted a luxurious custom shampoo and conditioner set? We've got you! We also make those shampoo bars everyone's been talking about, beard oil, hair oil, and add your special perfume requests to everything!